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Financial programs for more sustainable ranching

Environmental Farm Plan (EFP):  Free program that provides eligible farms with access to consultants to assist in the completion of Environmental Farm Plans. The EFP program helps farmers identify potential environmental, regenerative agriculture and climate risks within operation, educates them about how these risks can be mitigated. /

•  EFP Beneficial Management Practices Program: Can provide project funding for farms with EFPs that target improvements in Riparian Areas, Grazing, Biodiversity, Planning, Nutrient & Waste Management, Energy Efficiency, Soil Carbon, and Water Infrastructure


Okanagan Similkameen Stewardship Wildlife Habitat Steward program: Program through which farms with large areas of natural habitat may be eligible for a variety of conservation-based projects such as habitat enhancement, riparian fencing, bird boxes, and invasive plant management

Farmland Advantage: program that helps farmers identify the natural values on a farm that can be protected, restored, and enhanced and develops recommendations and plans to preserve them. The program can provides an annual compensation to farmers based on successful implementation of the project, and ongoing upkeep.

BC Ministry of Transportation Highway Fencing Program:  provides funding for activer livestock operators to fence along highways. Fences must form an integral part of an existing fencing system for containment of livestock.

Environment & Climate Change Canada's Species at Risk Partnerships on Agricultural Lands program: assists cattle ranchers with implementing habitat conservation measures on the ranch for at risk species. The program designed to assist cattle producers in adopting management practices that benefit their ranch operation as well as the specie. Funding available until March 2025

BC Cattlemen's Association Farmland Riparian Interface Stewardship Program: assists agricultural producers in their efforts to protect and enhance water quality, riparian vegetation, and fish habitat

Investment Agriculture Foundation Agricultural Water Infrastructure Program: Financial assistance for farmers to invest in their water infrastructure in a way that provides climate change resilience



Investment Agriculture Foundation Extreme Weather Preparedness Program: Cost-share reimbursments for farm projects that increase the resilience of BC agriculture operations by addressing risks related to wildfire, flooding, and extreme heat.

Farm Credit Canada Sustainability Incentives:

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